Meaning of foxy

meaning of foxy

Foxy definition: If you describe someone as foxy, you mean that they are deceitful in a clever, | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define foxy. foxy synonyms, foxy pronunciation, foxy translation, English dictionary definition of foxy. adj. fox·i·er, fox·i·est 1. a. Of or resembling a fox. b. Wie würdet Ihr "Foxy Lady" nächstmöglich ins Deutsche übersetzen? . I agree that 'foxy' in this context just means 'sexy', not 'intelligent'. Donate via bank transfer LEO GmbH Mühlweg 2b Sauerlach IBAN: Dennoch bleibe ich beim oben Gesagten. Shorty McCabe on the Job Sewell Ford. The Sun MOST blokes dream of finding a mysterious foxy lady in their bed - but this one was definitely not welcome. Comment in this context, foxy has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence except maybe inversely. British Dictionary definitions for foxy Expand. Comment Starb Hendrix nicht an einer Überdosis? Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it. Foxy - definition of foxy by The Free Dictionary http: As fast as leather makes you look leathery , fur makes you look foxy. Comment Muss eine Foxy Lady denn unbedingt rothaarig sein? Comment Foxy lady hat einfach alles mit Hendrix zu tun. meaning of foxy Discover our greatest slideshows Cracking The Code of Millennial Sign up, it's free! I agree that 'foxy' in this context just means 'sexy', not 'intelligent'. Word of the Day. Comment Sorry hm - us, Du meintest natürlich "sexy" kann man auf Deutsch sagen. Comment If you're interested in etymology, maybe you should look up the word 'vixen' in English. We don't have any black, drug-overdosing, left-handed guitar players in Germany but we provide the blonde eye candy to go with the rock star image.

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